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Social media networks were a novelty just 5 years ago, but today with 90% of businesses engaging in Social Media of some kind, their importance is no longer debated.

Ok so we understand Social Media is not for everyone, you’ve heard a buzz, its in the news, maybe you’ve heard great things about Facebook, Twitter and perhaps you have set up a basic Linkedin profile, but for business use, seriously what’s it all about? More importantly what can it do for our company?

86% of marketers state that social media is important for their business

89% of marketers state that increased exposure was the number one benefit of social media marketing

Businesses have definitely realised the power of social media and accepted that social media marketing and today has to be part of their marketing and PR mix. Thats where Funky Digital come in, employ us to setup, configure and run the most appropriate social channels for your needs.

Companies with a planned corporate approach to Social Media as part of their business strategy are 1.5 to 2 times more likely to anticipate revenue growth than ad hoc users.

We will learn your business sector, your USPs and develop an appropriate PR strategy and provide you with a complete one stop service for your corporate or brand. We will establish  goals, campaigns and guidelines and social media campaigns, as appropriate across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

These are the definitive benefits of social media marketing that are listed:

– Increased exposure
– Increased traffic
– Developed loyal fans
– Generated leads
– Improved search ranking
– Grew business partnerships
– Reduced marketing expenses
– Improved sales
– Provided marketplace insight

The success gap is widening between businesses that are using social media in a planned, strategic approach compared to those taking an informal, ad hoc manner or not engaging at all.

Funky Digital helps companies best utilise social media for improved customer service and brand engagement. Employ Funky Digital to setup, configure and run the most appropriate social channels for your business needs.

If you want to remain competitive, its imperative to invest in a Social Media.
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