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Maximise your Sales and Marketing returns with a Pay Per Click Campaign

Funky Digital Ltd are digital marketing experts in Bournemouth, we’re specialists in running profitable Pay Per Click Management (PPC) advertising campaigns for our clients. We have grown an enviable reputation delivering healthy return on investment by delivering PPC managed campaigns with an accelerated approach, quick turnaround in campaign rewards. Funky Digital provides a full PPC bid management service to companies who are looking to increase business opportunities cost effectively.

So many companies would be ecstatic to appear on Google’s first page organic listing, for their products or services, (excluding brand name – easy win) however in an ever competitive market this is seldom achieved. The great news is that this can all be made possible through our Pay Per Click advertising campaigns. 


Our pay per click advertising campaigns, are not only agile, but they will give you an immediate sense of achievement as you appear for the first time on top of the rankings for your chosen search terms. This is the initial reward however we need to ensure that our pay per click campaign ultimately delivers a positive return on investment and delivers to meet your business goals.

Our set up procedures

You will be in direct contact with our Google experts who will learn your bespoke companies objectives. The process is completely fully managed as we’ll handle everything including setting up your PPC account, the analytics tracking mechanisms in Google and creating ‘goal conversions’ to illustrate complete transparency of the campaigns progress and success. It’s essential to set up you up correctly to report comprehensively on campaign progress as we progress.

Keyword research

You’ll typically know of a number of keywords that represent your business services, our comprehensive tools will search and expand opportunities previously unknown for keywords and phrases on which you should bid. We will conduct competitor research to get a full understanding of your industries PPC competitive landscape. We’ll provide and collaborate with you to assess which keywords you think are most important and combined produces an excellent campaign foundation.

Establish a budget

Our campaigns are dynamic and agile and we will work in line with your business objectives, whether that to increase new business, lower the cost per sale or brand awareness for a seasonal product. We’ll completely handle the bid management process in line with our agreed advertising budgets.

Through our continued improvement approach we will continually review the campaigns progress and determines your ad’s placement on the page. As expected, the more popular the keywords are, the more you’re likely to spend for each click. Through analysis we review the effectiveness of keywords and promote where appropriate for further organic campaign growth. The most pleasing feedback we receive from our customers is that they feel we truly treat their budgets as though they were our own, thus attention to detail and that personal approach.

Creative ad creation

Our client ads are not only specific, highly targeted, however most of all, encourage visitors to click through to your site. Our ads link directly to the precise service page onsite, called a landing page and lead the user from search to product simply and effectively. Whilst onsite users are engaged and encouraged to purchase, to contact, or complete the business objective. Should your website require any amends, we can advise on this and usually complete this for you and if necessary we can place on your site calls to action, targeted special offers, promotions, and more.

Campaign growth

As we continue with the campaign, we are always looking for innovative ways to improve the campaign further, to deliver more for less and we do this through continued testing and refinement.

Partnership approach

Our clients are more than just customers, we build strong inter business relationships with our clients; we will never adopt a second company in the same sector/same territory as we want the very best for your campaign success. Clients like us as we are simple to do business, responsive and like to think we’re genuinely a nice bunch of people! We have a ‘zero frown policy’ and do insist though of only working with nice people.

New to Google Advertising?

If you are entirely new to Google pay per click advertising we can provide you with one of our Google partner vouchers. These are worth £75 and help get the party started!

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Existing PPC User?

For all existing Google Pay Per Click advertising accounts, we welcome to provide you an account review, our experienced team will review your current Google AdWords campaign and provide you our best practice recommendations.

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85% of clients continue with us after their rewarding trial.

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