Performance Monitoring and Management

In today’s competitive marketplace, knowing the return of each pound spent out on sales and marketing more so that it is delivering a return is key. So why is it that when you can monitor and fully understand which advertising and channels are working (or not) why wouldn’t you want to know?

Skyrocket your most effective marketing campaigns & cut your advertising costs

The modern organisation has various media channels both online and often still many offline which can now be monitored to illustrate its worth. So whether you think advertising on the bus, newspapers/magazines, in the phone directory, leafleting or on Google we can illustrate exactly which channels are working for you. What’s more, with such online completion, we can show you which keywords are performing and which to avoid. The power of this combined, enables for informed decisions to be made, and quickly helps for exponential growth.


Once we know exactly what generates a telephone response you can focus on what works and cut your least effective marketing efforts from your budget. If your company relies on the phone to generate leads and sales this will give you a massive ROI boost.

Funky Digital is able to dynamically unlock your marketing potential, to set-up and show you which marketing channels work, providing you the competitive edge. From the initial enquiries source, the keyword searched, to onsite user journeys through your website to when they enquired online or called. Even if they have visited a number of times and then called. Our software solutions can also record calls, if desired to be used in conjunction with quality control.

If you want to remain competitive, its imperative to analyse & performance monitor your website.
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