Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Whether you are a seasoned user of social networks or a newbie, it doesn’t take much to get started on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter, but to produce a business return, takes quite a bit of expertise and dedicated effort.

Funky Digital’s mix of marketing knowhow, deep understanding of social channels and cutting-edge technology, generate social media marketing campaigns that produce tangible results.

Businesses connect with customers in the social space,  build brand awareness, and turn social buzz into engaged customers.

So with 90% of businesses now using Social Media in some form, whether you desire a rocking Facebook campaign, daily tweets or to configure and market a LinkedIn profile, or your next YouTube channel, Funky Digital can help, as more importantly, we know what they can do for you, It all starts with understanding what’s right for your business.

The tangible benefits are crystal clear, an engaged social audience, improved SEO which directly leads to more website visitors, prospects, customers and yes..  Sales!

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Brainstorm

Social Media Launch for Jolt

The Jolt My Car app supports your motor insurance claim, speeding up the process time whilst protecting drivers from fraudsters. Funky Digital was instrumental in the launch of Jolt to the commercial motor insurance sector. For more Jolt see

If you want to connect closer with your audience Social Media is the perfect avenue.
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